Thrift Shopping Beginner’s Mistakes I Have Made

When I discovered thrifting at age fourteen, it was a revelation. My friend, a expert thrifter, introduced me to the art of combing the racks of clothes for deals and hidden gems, and it’s been a passion of mine ever since.

I’m Halfway Through My 30s and I’ve Made a Terrible Mistake

In a few weeks I’ll celebrate my 35th birthday. I’ve already started planning my annual backyard birthday bash (black bean tacos, a cornhole tournament, and free ranging chickens will be the highlights). Despite my excitement to see my friends, eat cake, and celebrate, well, myself, I’m having mixed feelings about this particular milestone.

How Making a YouTube Channel Taught Me About Banking

When I was 11, I decided to make a YouTube channel. Consequently, and likely due to my youthful vitality, I became deeply intrigued by the system YouTubers used to earn profits through video advertisements and endorsements.