Do I Need to Be Worried About The Default? Y/N

I’ve decided that we don’t need to be worried because it just feels better, not to be worried. Also, there is nothing we can do about it (besides yell at our elected officials to get it together). Just stay on our toes. Be agile. Retain flexibility.

As ever, I’m taking my cues from Heidi Moore.

The debt ceiling deadline for me is actually midnight tonight, because I’m going to New Orleans tomorrow and will not care.

— Heidi N. Moore (@moorehn) October 15, 2013

If you’re still worried and want to expand your mind, Heidi’s column from last week explains things as only she can (“’Why haven’t we done anything?’ We had to have a lot of press conferences first.”) And today Kevin Roose talked to a bunch of people about what will happen on the day that the U.S. defaults, if the U.S. defaults. He gives an hour-by-hour scenario. It does involve people standing in line at ATMs. It does not involve mass hysteria or carnage.

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