Meanwhile in the U.S.

If you’ve been mostly ignoring the news this summer because you’ve been chilling on a boat or relaxing in a treehouse or just decided that you know what life is too short do anything but just take one day at a time and try to get up at a reasonable hour and eat some fruit everyday and drink a glass of water and say hi to your neighbors and maybe smile at a baby every now and then and who has time to really worry about the Larger Problems of the Country and World at Large Anyway, well: Heidi N. Moore has a good little synopsis of Where We’re At and also how ridiculous it is that all anyone can talk about is Syria when there is Domestic Chaos Afoot. (“It would be a treat to see White House aides lobbying as aggressively — and on as many talk shows — for a better food stamp bill, an end to the debt-ceiling drama, or a solution to the senseless sequestration cuts, as it is on what is clearly a useless boondoggle in Syria.”)

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