Help Out Clean-up

Here is link to a Kickstarter project that I think is really different and wonderful. “They Call Me Clean-up” is a project for a book that will be written by a homeless man named James. His street name is Clean-up because he is very often sweeping the Oakland neighborhood he lives in.

The people who put together the page know James because of another project they did with him; they painted his portrait and recorded a few stories and realized that this man has more stories to tell and the desire to tell them. The money they hope to raise is to get James off the street so that he can write his book. (“Clean-up has wanted to write for a long time, but because of his homelessness, he has been forced to devote his energy to strictly surviving day by day. The money raised through Kickstarter will subsidize Clean-up’s housing so he can transition inside and focus on recording and writing his many stories.”) Clean-up has found transitional housing; he now just needs to the funding to get there. Embedded above: Clean-up telling the story of how he got his name.

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