“What have you been up to? How’s the site?” are the questions I get the most often when I’m meeting up with someone.

“Busy!” I say. “I’m working a lot — pretty much all the time. But I feel really fortunate to be this busy. Busy is good.”

The main reason I feel busy is because I have 1.5 jobs, plus a mess of things on the side, so it always feels like I’m working on something. When I’m not working on something, I’m thinking about what I need to work on. But am I really that busy? Maybe not as busy as I believe I am.

Here’s The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson:

…in recent years, with wage growth falling behind the rising cost of essentials like health insurance and college tuition, and with technology dissolving the boundaries of the traditional workplace, Americans seem to be working more than ever. But the truth is that we are working less. So why do we feel so busy?

He answers — using a series of charts.

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