Never Gonna Not Talk About the Wage Gap

Bloomberg Businessweek compared salaries of men and women with MBAs in 2012, and they made some findings! (GUESS?? CAN YOU GUESS?!?!)

1. “In general, women were much closer to erasing the wage gap a decade ago.”

Okay pausing here in case you misread that like I did the first few times I read it — that sentences does NOT say “they were closer … than a decade ago.” It just says “they were closer … a decade ago.” Meaning, ten years ago, the wage gap was smaller than it is now. THEN was BETTER than NOW. Okay just wanted to make sure that’s clear, carry on.

2. “[In 2002], they were closer to parity with men in eight of the the 11 sectors than they were in 2012 — including lucrative fields such as investment banking and finance. The pay gap has widened even in nonfinance-related fields, such as information technology. Even in entrepreneurship, where women have significantly narrowed the pay gap, they’re still nearly a dime away from pay parity with men.”

Okay but there has to be some REASON for this, right? Some reason that isn’t SEXISM because it is 2013, as you know, the future, etc. Are there any fields they found where women make MORE money??? THERE HAVE TO BE.

3. “Women outperformed men on salary in just three industries: human resources, investment banking, and nonprofits. Two of those fields — human resources and nonprofits — tend to attract more women than men, which may explain why women in these jobs are earning more than their male counterparts. Their pay gains in a field like nonprofit work, which has one of the lowest annual salaries, did little to shift the overall gender-pay gap in their favor, however.”

Okayyyyyy great news awesome news wonderful news.


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