Happy Holiday Travels Don’t Mind the Strike (Mind the Strike)

Security workers at JFK have voted to strike starting December 20th, reports Sarah Jaffe at In These Times. SOME FACTS!

1. They are employed by a contractor called AirServ. They don’t do personal screenings, but “they are responsible for guarding doors and checking bags, for which they receive just-above minimum wage.”

2. The workers are “frustrated with their low pay, lack of raises and benefits, and disrespect on the job … [they] take their jobs seriously and expressed frustration at their lack of proper equipment: radios without batteries, no uniform jackets for workers who are outside in all weather conditions.”

3. “The decision to strike without formal recognition of the union is part of a growing trend for labor. Non-unionized workers are building support by pushing for incremental wins, better treatment and an end to retaliation before an NLRB election rather than after. Small wins by the workers draw in more workers, who see the benefit of collective action.”


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