We All Must Be Preppers

Sandy madness and the NYT are bringing prepping mainstream — this week’s magazine cover story frames preparing for disaster with gardens and food storage and guns as not only normal, but sensible. And Ron Douglas, who they profile, makes a great point: “This is exactly what we’re trying to prepare people for … Everybody talks about doomsday, the end of the world — apocalypse nonsense. This is New York’s doomsday right now.” GOOD POINT.

One hot tip from Sandra W. at Survival Blog, in a post on how her family has starting prepping slowly: “Now whenever we go to Wal-Mart we buy essentials and a box of ammo. Say it with me now: milk, bread, eggs, toilet paper and ammo. Try it again, diapers, wipes, and ammo. See how easy it is?”

I have some canned beans. And three gallon jugs of water. No ammo. E tu?


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