A Totally Fair And Reasonable Bill

An NYPD cruiser hit and killed Laverne Dobbinson’s 27-year-old son (it was an accident, it has been decided). Then the NYPD charged her $710 to repair the dent her son’s body made in the car. Because that makes sense.

Her son was fleeing the cops when he was hit. He had been stealing cobblestones, supposedly, because as you know, in this country you’re innocent until proven guilty and he was killed before a jury of his peers could decide that! But even if he’d been fleeing a murder scene, his mother does not deserve this disgusting bill. There wasn’t anyone in the chain of command who thought this was a bad idea? What is wrong with people? NO REALLY. What. Is. Wrong. With. People. I’d happily sign over whatever tax dollars of mine go to the NYPD so that victims of “accidents” don’t get charged for the “damage” their “accidents” cause.

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