It’s a Great Day to Do That 1 Thing

You know that 1 thing you have to do that only “needs” to be done “at some point” or “in the future” or “when you get around to it” and so you never actually do it?

If you’re the list-keeping type, maybe it stays on your list, at the bottom, and gets transferred week to week. Or maybe it is just on a list in your head, and sometimes you think of it when you are in the shower or on the john or in the car or on the train or running, if that’s a thing you do, or in bed drifting off to sleep.

At at those very opportune times, when you are most likely to be able to do that 1 thing that you need to do but not direly, you think: “Oh, yeah, that thank you note.” Or, “Oh yeah, call the landlord to fix the door that is falling of its hinges.” Or “Oh yeah, call and cancel car insurance for the car I now longer own.” [INSERT YOUR 1 THING HERE.]

Anyway, that 1 thing. The worst part about that 1 thing is that when you finally do it, when you finally do send the note or call your landlord or cancel your insurance or WHATEVER, it takes THE TINIEST FRACTION of the time that you have spent thinking about it. I think Thursday mornings might be a good time to do that 1 thing. Thursday mornings at 10 a.m. We are too late this week, oh drat. But just plant that seed for next week. Thursday morning, 10 a.m. You’re going to stop what you’re doing, take five minutes, and do that 1 thing you’ve been dreading doing or avoiding doing or whatever. I think a week is enough to mentally prepare. Do you?

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