How Do You Answer, How Much Do You Make?

Here’s how four respondents to Marketplace’s survey on the subject answered the Q:

“While I don’t bring it up voluntarily, my salary is a matter of public record. I can’t hide it from friends and family if they want to look it up.” — Cristobal Palmer

“It’s not enough to hide, believe me.” — Jeff Bray

“I do not think it is polite to discuss income. I do not want them to pity me for how little I make.” — Becky Greene,

“I think if I made more than my friends and family, I’d probably be less likely to talk about it.” — Halle E.

I can’t think of the last time I was asked this question, actually — I’m usually doing the asking — but in person I just answer the question, because: WHY NOT. On the INTERNET, where THINGS LIVE FOREVER AND EMPLOYERS SEE ALL, I say something diplomatic about whatever my current gig is (“WOULD THAT I COULD SAY, BUT I SIGNED A THING SAYING I WOULDN’T) but will disclose past salaries on a case-by-case basis based upon the likelihood of being sued for such (which I’ve decided is mostly zilch).


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