Be Nice to Your Barista … or Else

If you are rude to your Barista, you can expect the following things to happen with your drink: Decaf, made with heavy whipping cream, and possibly sea salt poured in at the bottom, so you won’t notice its in there until the last few swallows. You know why? Because we make minimum wage, and because we have to stand for eight hours straight and get yelled at all day. Because you didn’t tip us after having us remake your drink three times. So please, just be kind to the Barista, and your drink will turn out amazingly.

This list from a (British?) barista who has worked at Starbucks, Tully’s, Biggby, Espresso Royale, and Almac’s Coffee about coffee shop etiquette is interesting (and ranty, but that’s what makes it interesting)! The sea salt poured at the bottom of drinks for being rude thing is new to me. I’d like to know if this method of retaliating at rude customers is common, or more of an isolated thing. Baristas, we’d like to know!

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