The Government Wants You to Know That It’s Totally Okay to Apply for Food Stamps

After Karina Briski wrote about the time she considered applying for food stamps, we came to a general consensus that if you’re eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and need food, you should definitely apply for it.

The government agrees. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is spending up to $3 million in advertising to encourage more people who are eligible for food stamps to apply for them. USDA records show that one in four Americans who are eligible for food stamps don’t participate in the program. Some Americans are denied because their applications aren’t processed properly, while some face other barriers when applying for food stamps, as we learned yesterday from Janis Adkins’s heartbreaking story. It’s worth repeating: If you’re hungry and eligible for SNAP, don’t be ashamed to apply for it, and don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed about doing it.


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