Dreams for a Better Tomorrow

It took considerable arm-twisting to get Plouffe to think past the details of the daily campaign and consider the long view. “If we win,” he said finally, “January of 2017, what do we want to look back and be able to say? One, we’ve recovered from the recession. Second, our economic and tax policies in this country are more centered on the middle class and on people trying to get in the middle class. Third, the big unmet challenges — health care, education reform, energy, immigration, and reducing the deficit in the right way — we met them.

“We’ve also ended a period of war while taking out our leading terrorist enemies,” he added. “Think about that! That’s a pretty important book of business, and I think that’s the legacy he’d like to leave.”

Obama senior adviser David Plouffe has some pretty big dreams about what our president will accomplish if he wins a second term. Some very, very big dreams, indeed! Cut to four years from now when Plouffe is filthy and sitting on a sidewalk somewhere, singing about why he had to sell his hair and become a prostitute to feed his children. [via]


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