Chuck Schwab Speaks to Us

Five things I love about these Charles Schwab videos by Mekanism:

1. They are SPEAKING TO MY PEOPLE, and they succeed (like, actually really truly).
2. That is the actual Charles Schwab, founder and chairman of Charles Schwab. WHAT A COOL DUDE.
3. The name of the campaign is “Oh Chuck! I Blew My Cash!” (genius)
4. There is a also contest that goes with it and you can win $10,000 in a Charles Schwab account if you make a video about how you blew your cash! (My video would just be a long shot of an empty room.)
5. The theme music gets an A+

Do any of them SPEAK to you? (I see myself in all of them but the burger one the mostttttttt. And I don’t even eat burgers.)

Six videos in a post is too many videos in a post, I have discovered. Took the rest of them out but you can watch them here if you want. Also this isn’t an ad. I wish it was an ad! But it is not an ad. I just actually really like these videos. Advertising: IT WORKED ON ME.


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